“My dear friend your poem is very beautiful full of inspiration, tenderness for your lover and yet you have chosen a duty, an important duty, to follow. You should chose both and ask your love to go to battle with you in the poem. I would hope that if I fall in love that everything we do in helping humanity, we do together. Forgive me I am too sentimental “
- Sergio Ortiz …. Teacher, Philosopher, poet and Artist from San Juan, Puerto Rico…. On “ Farewell, my love”

“Saswati, thanks for this poem. I was getting despaired and dispirited these days due to dismal condition of communist movement. But your poem has filled me with enthusiasm and courage to fight this bourgeois system and obviate in justice.
Though the architecture and style of poem is simple but it has immense underlying aesthetics which appeals the deeper cores of existence. ….This one is very, very, very BOLD poem…. BIG BRAVO to you
Muktibodh famous poet of Hindi wrote..
Todane hi honge garh aur math sab
uthane hi honge Aviwayakti ke kahtre
(Must be bulldozed these citadel of mighty injustice
We must afford Risk of Expressing   the truth)”
-Ramdahin Misra,  an Activist from Kolkata on “ Freedom of Humanity”

“A great work. I liked these lines a lot:
‘I am the toil of a farmer;
I am honesty which is unsold,
I am the principles you uphold’
Good flow of thoughts.”
-Matangi Mawley, Software Engineer, poet and writer from Tamil Nadu on  “ I am the song of humanity”

“I appreciate and admire your thoughts. Good Poem.”
-Gitesh Gohil , Software Developer, Dana Corporation, Pune … on “Valentine’s Day”

“All the poems are magnificent. Just one thing I don’t understand, why in all the poems you talk of death and life after death. Life is beautiful, try writing poem on it. It’s just my advice what I feel.
-Amit Parkhe,  Project Engineer, Dana Corporation, Pune

“Nice poem. Excellent choice of words!” 

-Indrajit Mukherjee, Cleveland, OH  on “ Love”
“Very Fresh and Inspiring Poem”
–  Jalaja K Marella, Software Specialist, IBM Global Services, Pune on “March for a Grand Victory”

“ This is a very nice poem”
–  Jalaja K Marella, Software Specialist, IBM Global Services, Pune on “Beauty”

“Excellent poem - i loved it “
-Kamakhya  on “ Let thy love be my inspiration”

“Great continue in this manner - mind blowing.” 
-Sougata Dey, Asst. Manager , GE Capital, Kolkata

Very good Saswati, your poems are too good.
-Padmini Naidu, Product Engineer of Dana Corporation, Pune and also a poetess

Just amazing work Saswati!!
-Manik Joshi, Design Engineer of Dana Corporation, Pune and also a poet

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